Convert your Linux box into a surveillance device

This article is on how to convert your Linux box into a surveillance device.

Let us get started with a test record.

The following code is a good example to record video on CentOS 6.10 via command line.  Login to your CentOS 6 server via SSH and run the following command. Type q to quit recording.

ffmpeg -f v4l2 -framerate 25 -video_size 640_480 -i /dev/video0 Videos/ffmpeg_video_2018-10-09_13-15-10.mp4


Repairing a dead slow laptop

This is how I dealt with “repairing a dead slow laptop” according to the customer/owner.

Some details about the laptop:

Processor: Intel i5
Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Overall, a gorgeous laptop but running dead slow!

The reason for a dead slow laptop, in this case, was an erratic hard disk (C drive): Errors in the main hard drive, probably due to fall!

My initial “logging in” into the computer took a whole night (as Administrator) because, you guessed it, the laptop was running very slow!

So, I entered user name and password with administrative privileges before going to sleep and i was logged at least after four hours!

So, after fixing the hard disk errors by running chkdsk \f (with Administrator privileges), the dead slow laptop resumed its normal speed which was pretty good.

Customer happy; I am happy!

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