how to unlock a freepbx or asterisk session locally?

This post is on how to unlock a freepbx or asterisk session locally?

First, find/copy the session ID at the bottom of your login page to PBX server. Keep the copy in the memory for now.

You can see all hidden text by running Ctrl A.on the login page.

Secondly, login to FreePBX/Asterisk server/machine via SSH.

Most of the times, you can login with your FreePBX machine’s host name. For example, http://freepbx/admin

Or, if your machine’s IP address is, then login to as root with default username as root and default password as SangomaDefaultPassword from your windows desktop or any other device that is connected to the same network/router as the PBX machine.

I assume that you did not change the default password for your PBX/Asterisk server.

Once you have logged into your PBX server as root, run the following command.

fwconsole unlock 21islds39f67jg2413h5m737o4

The unlock session Id for you will be different but will look similar to the above.

Now, go back to your PBX server tab/page, and just refresh. You should be automatically logged in without entering any credentials.