Access your PC from anywhere with an internet connection Version: latest Tested on Windows_NT Microsoft-IIS/10.0 AMD64 How much space is occupied by AccessYourPC? Web Platform: Unknown Strawberry Perl: 600 MB AccessYourPC software: 40.0 KB (40,960 bytes) What does it do? It immediately provides you access to the PC this software is installed on to all PCs on the same network at home; This is the suggested use. In order to access the PC from outside your home, you need to open ports (80/443) on your Modem/Router Firewall which in turn makes that PC accessible/vulnerable to the outside world. Here are instructions on opening your router ports, for example Disclaimer. This software is given free of charge in the hope that it will be useful. It comes with no warranties or guaranties. Help/Support is available at (A number 1 Z .us)

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Installation instructions (Also available at 1. Install IIS Web Server A. Install Web Platform Installer, default settings B. Install IIS Recommended Configurationj 2. Enable https 3. Install Perl I suggest install Strawberry Perl into C:/Strawberry 64bit 32bit 4. Set Handler Mapping to .cgi scripts Click Start, click Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services. Right-click a Web site that you want to enable PERL for, and then click Properties. Click the Home Directory tab. Click Configuration. Click Add. In the Executable box, type the following: C:\Strawberry\perl\bin\perl5.26.1.exe "%s" %s In the Extension box, type .cgi. Note Make sure that the All Verbs option is selected for full functionality. Also, make sure that the Script Engine check box is selected. Click OK to return to the ISM. Click the Web Service Extensions folder. Click Add a new Web service extension. Type a name for the extension, such as "PERL Scripts." Click Add, type the full path to the Perl.exe file, and then click OK. Make sure that the Set extension status to Allowed check box is selected. Instructions extracted from 5. Get PCAccessAnywhere from 6. Copy the downloaded software into C:/inetpub/wwwroot/ 7. Test and enjoy https:///PCAccessAnywhere/index.cgi Please report bugs at